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HealthyAmerica prioritizes our commitment to provide our producers with the knowledge and training on how to sell, procedures for completing an application and more. HealthyAmerica has put together an online go-at-your-own-pace Agent Training Course & Quiz going over everything you need to know about UBA Products, Procedures, & Compliance. We have also provided training videos available 24 hours a day for you to be able to train on your own schedule so that you can get the knowledge anytime you need it. These training courses are for first time producers as well as a refresher course for current producers. Call Rachelle at ext. 202 for requests for live webinars as an option. We want to make sure that you are successful and have all the tools and information you need.

We want to make sure that our agents have a complete understanding of and are thoroughly informed about our products and procedures which is why we have created an Online Agent Training Course and Quiz for all new agents that goes over everything you need to know about the UBA Products, New Business Process & Procedures, Agent Links, Online Application and Compliance Rules & Regulations. We have also made our self-serve training video selections available to you that features information about the products available through UBA as well as company procedures, how to use your agent back-office and featuring a demo of the full online application process including the verification and e-signature process. As always, if you have any questions about products, procedures or the application, please reach out to our Agent Liaison, Rachelle at 800.964.8331 ext. 202 or by email and she will be happy to answer them. We are there for you!

Molly Powell, VP Marketing

Molly Powell

VP-Marketing, HealthyAmerica

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