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NEW TruGap Agent Training, Brochures, Presentation & Consumer Video

See why ACA Bronze Plans + TruGap shine this Open Enrollment. Learn about this new game changing supplemental plan. TruGap Comprehensive or TruGap Hospital plans pair with a Bronze ACA plan to help offset the ACA Bronze $7500 deductible with a $7500 benefit amount of coverage (max $15,000 benefit per family) for inpatient and outpatient covered medical expenses (inpatient hospital expenses only for TruGap Hospital plan) after the TruGap $1000 deductible (max $2000 deductible per family) and a 30-day waiting period after effective date before supplemental coverage begins. Learn how your clients can win and you can win by offering TruGap! For the Agent Guides and Brochures - you can download to use with the links below. For the TruGap Agent Training & TruGap Agent Presentations below: You can view it in either PowerPoint (PPT) or as a PDF. For the Consumer Video: you can use the video as is or have it personalized with your Unique Agent Enrollment Link and phone number to call for more information. Just select the Request personalized Consumer Video link below the video to request personalization. Note: This plan is available in AZ, CA, FL, MI & TX (with more states coming soon). TruGap Comprehensive and TruGap Hospital plans are underwritten by SiriusPoint America Insurance Company. Members must be enrolled in and maintain a Bronze ACA plan in order to enroll in a supplemental TruGap plan.

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QUALITY: How HA offers the highest quality products for your clients.

We are obsessed with providing the highest quality experience for our members. We only partner with insurance carrier partners who offer quality plans we would feel comfortable offering to our own families.

We offer ACA plans for the top insurance carrier partners and we are nationally recognized in the Circle of Champions. Through our partner AXSHealth, we are a Webbroker in the marketplace.

Our Agency has been awarded Golden Eagle & Soaring Eagle Awards from the National Association of Underwriters on numerous occasions. HealthyAmerica has also been named for 8 consecutive years as a "Top 100 Business" in the Fort Worth Business Press Magazine.

Our Supplemental plans offered by UBA and HAA are gap insurance designed to supplement major medical, short term medical, faith-based plans, and robust hospital indemnity plans. Our Benefit Boost Subscription plans offer something customers actually want and need such as valuable services with very recognizable and respected name brands, Lyric Health, Aetna Dental Access® and LifeLock®. Through Lyric Health we offer Virtual Primary Care (including labs), Virtual Urgent Care Visits, Virtual Talk Therapy Visits, Virtual Dermatology and more. Also available with Benefit Boost are Prescription Discounts, Dental Discounts, and more. You don't have to have an insurance license to sell the Benefit Boost non-insurance plans and they are a great and affordable add-on to Short Term or ACA plans!

I sincerely appreciate the professionalism of our marketing partners, agents and brokers representing HealthyAmerica.

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Steve Davidson | President, HealthyAmerica


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