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HealthyAmerica strives to offer our producers tools they need to be able to market UBA & HAA Memberships and UBA Gap plans, and Benefit Boost plans making it easier to prospect new clients. These tools include all a la carte health and wellness Benefit Boost Subscription brochures, UBA & HAA Membership Brochures and a generic optional supplemental UBA Gap Brochure. Call Rachelle at ext. 202 with any questions you might have on our plans. We want to make sure that you are successful and have all the tools and information you need.

HealthyAmerica offers our agents access to as much information about our products as possible. We pride ourselves in making these tools available to you to help you in your sales process. Scroll below or select from one of the links in the blue bar above to quickly navigate your Agent Tools. Find out all about the plans by completing the at-your-own-pace online training course & quiz, Download and review the Agent Guides with State Variations for each insurance carrier partner and type of insurance, and access the agent portal and other important forms you might need like the effective date schedule, group billing form and more. We are there for you! Call us at 800-964-8331 for any help you might need!

Molly Powell, VP Marketing

Molly Powell

VP-Marketing, HealthyAmerica

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QUALITY: How HA offers the highest quality products for your clients.

We are obsessed with providing the highest quality experience for our members. We only partner with insurance carrier partners who offer quality plans we would feel comfortable offering to our own families.

We offer ACA plans for the top insurance carrier partners and we are nationally recognized in the Circle of Champions. Through our partner AXSHealth, we are a Webbroker in the marketplace.

Our Agency has been awarded Golden Eagle & Soaring Eagle Awards from the National Association of Underwriters on numerous occasions. HealthyAmerica has also been named for 6 consecutive years as a "Top 100 Business" in the Fort Worth Business Press Magazine.

Our Supplemental plans offered by UBA and HAA are gap insurance designed to supplement major medical, short term medical, faith-based plans, and robust hospital indemnity plans. Our Benefit Boost Subscription plans offer something customers actually want and need such as valuable services with very recognizable and respected name brands, Walmart Health Virtual Care, Aetna Dental Access® and LifeLock®. Through Walmart Health Virtual Care we offer Virtual Primary Care Physician Visits (including no cost to the member wellness labs) and Virtual Urgent Care & Talk Therapy Visits. Also available with Benefit Boost are Prescription Discounts, Dental Discounts, and more. You don't have to have a license to sell the Benefit Boost non-insurance plans and they are a great and affordable add-on to Short Term or ACA plans!

I sincerely appreciate the professionalism of our marketing partners, agents and brokers representing HealthyAmerica.

avatar - Steve Davidson, President, Healthy America

Steve Davidson | President, HealthyAmerica


Below, HealthyAmerica provides quick and easy access to the agent-back office at where you can login and view your statements and book of business. Also below is a link to the training portal where you can download the UBA Plan Overview that showcases all plans currently offered by UBA & Benefit Boost, plan cost, short description and state availability as well as a link to the training course as well as very helpful Agent Guides that show all state variations of the plans. Healthy America recently became the exclusive national marketing organization for the Healthy America Association (HAA). The Healthy America Association (HAA) member guide is also available under the Marketing Brochures section. We will add a HAA supplemental plan section when more plans are added to the HAA Membership portfolio. (HAA will be a separate enrollment site.) Finally, we included an Other Forms page where you can find forms like Effective Date Schedule, GTL contracting paperwork, Group Billing Form, Change of Direct Deposit forms and more. If there is something that you can't find, please Call Us and we will help you locate it.


HealthyAmerica wants to provide our producers with quick access to important information going on in the insurance industry, sales tips for generating leads & referrals and helpful ways to improve sales pitches by providing you pertinent and helpful articles. HealthyAmerica wants to give you the most tools in your marketing bag that you can use to become more successful. Also, check out our Facebook page where Steve Davidson, President of HealthyAmerica posts additional interesting and helpful articles & comments.


HealthyAmerica wants to gather feedback on how we are doing and how you like working with HealthyAmerica. We would love it if you took 5 minutes to add your personal feedback by creating a written testimonial using the form below. We appreciate any and all feedback. We are here to help make your sales experience better and if there is something that we can do to help, we are all ears.