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Healthy America has spent the last 20+ years helping individuals and families obtain health insurance.  With our three divisions, we are a consumer-oriented company that offers comprehensive knowledge and innovation to our consumers.

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We bring value by focusing on our customer.  We leverage our technology, relationships, and expertise to deliver a superior health plan connection between members, agents, and insurers. We are Better Together.

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Our Companies

Direct Sales

AXS Health Insurance


UBA Insurance Services, Inc.

Gap Plans

H A Partners, Inc.

ACA Federal Certification

In order to sell ACA plans on the Federal Marketplace, you must first be certified. Complete Part 1 of the Certification which are the Courses on ACA and the Exams. At the end you will be given a certificate of completion.  Make sure you remember your username and password for this site.  Your username will be used in Part 2 of Certification.

Part 2 of the Certification can be completed 48 hrs after Part 1 is completed.  Part 2 is the final step and verifies your identity.  Also remember to keep this username and password. You will be required to change your password EVERY 60 days.  This is important when selling on the Marketplace. (YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS IF YOU ARE DOING CERTIFICATION FOR THE FIRST TIME - Not renewal of certification)

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